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Meeting 247

May 15, 2010

Do you ever enjoy being in a meeting? No I don’t, especially for those long and lasting ones.

I just feel like being trapped in a custody, fighting with my mind just to stay alert and stay concentrated.

My mind is on the way up to a cloud 9, and my ears are like receiving a scrolling telegraph, left ear in and right ear out. Nothing can ever be absorbed. That was my life when I was working in corporate companies, meeting after meeting, the darkest days of my life as I can describe.

I normally carry a writing notepad instead of notebook computer to attend any meetings, cause I can sketch and write something randomly if I am tired of listening to people babbling and whining. In the meantime, I can still look good on myself as if I can pretend to be a loyal and dedicated listener.

So this post will feature my random sketches and thoughts while I was in some relentless meetings for my past few years. Some of them don’t even make sense at all, so please don’t bother or attempt to understand.

I couldn’t recall the agenda in that meeting, but I did remember that I was totally lost as if the spirit of ancient myth stood behind me, covering my ears and eyes by his Dracula’s cape.

And all of a sudden, I was wondering if I was stupid. But what was stupid anyway? What made us think that so and so were stupid? Did that judgment come from our egocentric hallucination? Or did it happen just because of a broken linkage of human communication? Or did I.Q. really matter?

“Would it be too stupid to think if stupidity doesn’t exist?”

“The best is to be true, but the truth will never be the best.

Feeling loathsome when the truth can’t be spoken,

growing disgusted when words been turned upside down”

“Simplicity is an abstract expression.

Simple life makes life even more complicated.

When one’s in pursuit of a simple life,

it will lead a whole life in constant struggle,

struggling for love, struggle for work,

struggling for sadness and happiness,

and struggling for badness and goodness.

Life shouldn’t be simple, cause we’re so used to living

in complication, contradiction.

The only thing that we can do is cheer up. ”

to be continued………


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