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May 12, 2010

It’s rare to see the sunlight in the morning in Shanghai during the winter.

Sometimes the gloomy weather lasts too long and  you will gradually forget what it feels to be burnt by the sun.

There is a little island named “Naoshima”, bowing underneath Shikoku of Japan.

You can set your cruise from the city “Takamatsu” in Shikoku.

It takes you about 45 minutes to arrive in this quiet and down-to-earth island.

Few people reside there, mostly for retired senior citizens and families from cities coming over for a weekend.

On the other side of the island, a little bit further from the ferry pier, It gathered a group of sophisticated and eccentric artists.

They built their art complex in this quiet place.  It’s nothing massive and prominent like Shanghai Expo or Guggenheim museum.

On the other hand, the subtlety of design does perfectly fit in the whole secluded environment.  That gives a touch of harmony with a mixture of modern architecture and natural landscape.

It actually makes a funny picture that a set of huge tomato and pumpkin like sculptures, created by one of the most famous Japanese contemporary artists — Yayoi Kusama, are situated along the seaside, as if they were some stable and humble sumo wrestlers, sitting tight at the seaside to protect the island from storm and tidal wave.  Sometimes, they could strip off their armours to look after all residents and guests who come and go from the island.


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  1. Angela permalink

    I like Yayoi Kusama 草間彌生 ^^

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